Welcome to my personal website, which I created to provide a place for my work and my thoughts.   I’m a marketing communications professional in Seattle specializing in security, privacy and online safety policy at Microsoft.  (Standard disclaimer – all opinions expressed on this site are my own, and not those of Microsoft.)

I’m passionate about the issues that play out in the intersection of technology, society, and policy.  I’m especially interested in information security, privacy, and online safety, and I really enjoy researching and writing about these topics.

On this site you will various things I’ve written, including published articles, white papers, testimony, and research, as well as articles where I’ve been cited, and presentations I’m giving.

What’s new from me:

December, 2012: New report I just wrote for Microsoft – the first ever “Year in Online Safety” by any company, as far as I know:YIS-2012

October, 2012:  New consumer safety brochure I just wrote, “Online Fraud: Your Guide to Prevention, Detection, and Recovery:”


December , 2011: I gave an hour-long presentation on “Safer Socializing on the Internet” to the AARP of Washington.   Here’s the video of my entire presentation:

Fostering Digital Citizenship – a paper I wrote for Microsoft in September, 2011

Building Global Trust Online: Policy Perspectives on Privacy, Safety and Security.  This is Microsoft’s Policy Maker’s Guide.  I wrote about 70 percent of the content:

Parental Controls 2010 Product GuideI wrote this on my own, because there was a pressing need for a comprehensive guide to parental controls:

E-mail: davidburt2000@yahoo.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidburt


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