David Burt

Welcome to the personal website of David Burt, CISSP, CIPP.
I mostly maintain this site as a place for the work I’ve created over the years.    I’m a marketing communications professional in Seattle specializing in security, privacy, online safety, and compliance at Microsoft.  I’ve been involved in online policy issues for over 20 years, and in my current role I am responsible for privacy and compliance marketing for Microsoft Azure.   (Standard disclaimer – any views expressed on this site are my own, and not those of Microsoft.)

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I’m fascinated by the issues surrounding the intersection of technology, society, and policy, and I really enjoy researching and writing about these topics.

On this site you will find things I’ve written, including published articles, white papers, testimony, and research, as well as articles where I’ve been cited, and presentations I’ve given.

What’s new from me:

May, 2020: I just published an e-book I wrote, Azure enables a world of compliance that provides compliance maps for countries with Azure data centers around the world.

November, 2019:  I just gave a presentation at the Ignite Conference on Implementing privacy and compliance standards in Microsoft Azure.

October, 2019: I’ve been blogging  a lot on the Azure blog, promoting our new Azure Blueprints for compliance.

July, 2019: Moderated a fascinating panel with Microsoft partners at the Microsoft Inspire Conference: Partner panel: The security and compliance services opportunity in the cloud

E-mail: davidburt2000@yahoo.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidburt