There are hundreds of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the United States.  Many offer free parental controls and security products with subscriptions.  The most popular ISPs typically offer “security suites” from security software vendors which include anti-virus, anti-spam, and other security features along with parental controls.  The drawback to security suite parental controls is that they typically offer only the most basic parental control functions.  Other ISPs, such as AT&T, Verizon, and AOL have developed their own parental controls.  All of the ISP-provided parental controls offer significantly fewer features than a stand-alone parental control product. 

 Parental Controls for ISPs Product Comparison (1 page)

  Full Parental Controls 2010 Product Guide (36 pages)

 We Recommend:

Ages up to 7:       ISP parental controls are a good solution in conjunction with a kid safe browser such as KidZui.
Ages 8 to 11:       ISP parental controls often provide adequate filtering and time management, which may be enough for children of this age, though many parents will want a full parental controls product.
Ages 10 to 13:     ISP parental controls may provide a basis for parental controls, but lack many key features for managing this age group.  A stand-alone parental control suite such as Safe Eyes, Cyber Patrol, or Net Nanny is a better option for this age group.
Ages 14 to 17:     ISP parental controls may be appropriate for basic filtering.  Many parents will likely want a more comprehensive filtering or monitoring product, such as Norton Family or Spector Soft.

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