Kid Safe Browsers

Customized “Kid Safe” web browsers such as KidZui have become a popular option for parents in recent years.  These programs create a “walled garden” of age-appropriate content that has been pre-screened by reviewers.  Kid safe browsers offer parents a trade-off: they greatly reduce the risk a child will be exposed to inappropriate content, but at the same time restrict access to a large amount of innocuous content.  Therefore, kid safe browsers are most appropriate for younger children. 

 Parental Controls for Kid Safe Browsers Product Comparison (1 page)

 Full Parental Controls 2010 Product Guide (36 pages)

We Recommend:
Ages up to 7:       Ideal for children this age.
Ages 8 to 11:       Still appropriate, but at this age parents should start using filtered Internet access as well.
Ages 10 to 13:     May interest some this age.
Ages 14 to 17:     Unlikely to be of interest to teens.

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