Social Networks

Social Networking sites present a challenge for parental control products, since filters typically only block entire social networks – not individual pages within a network.  So parents have to decide if they want to block all social networking, or allow all social networking and rely on monitoring software to flag problem behavior or contacts.  Nearly all Internet parental control products offer the ability to block specific websites, but if you want detailed reporting on social networking activity, you’ll probably want more of a monitoring product such as Spector Pro,  or a parental control product specifically designed for social networks such as Norton Family Online or McAfee Family Protection. Check the “Social Networking Parental Controls Product Comparison” chart below:

Social Networking Parental Controls Product Comparison (1 page)

Full Parental Controls 2010 Product Guide (36 pages)

 We Recommend:
Ages up to 13:     Social Networks are not recommended for this age group, use a filter to block.
Ages 14 to 17:     Several products specialize in monitoring behavior on social networks, including Norton Family, McAfee Family, and Spector Pro.

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