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There are no products that provide parental controls for virtual worlds, so it is up to parents to check the safety policies of each site, and decide which virtual worlds are appropriate for your child.  There are hundreds of virtual worlds aimed at children and teens, and most have a “safety” or “parents” link which informs parents of each site’s policies.  Many of the virtual worlds aimed at younger children provide very safe environments that are tightly controlled by adults.  Virtual worlds catering to teens are generally less restrictive. 

 Parental Controls for Virtual Worlds Product Comparison (1 page)

 Full Parental Controls 2010 Product Guide (36 pages)

We Recommend:
Ages up to 7:       Most of the popular sites aimed at preteens are great for children this age.
Ages 8 to 10:       Many of these sites are enjoyable for kids this age.
Ages 11 to 13:     Tweens should limit participation to preteen virtual worlds.
Ages 14 to 17:     The most popular teen virtual worlds may contain some moderate explicit content.  Adult virtual worlds such as Second Life contain very explicit content and are inappropriate for minors.

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