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BSecure’s recently redesigned software has a lot to like:  quality filtering; a strong set of features – including “Whole Home” filtering; a really intuitive management console with cross tabs; and good reporting.  The security was very good, though BSecure can only block proxies it knows about.
Price: $49.99 for 3 PCs

Setting up BSecure was a snap, and BSecure’s unified management console with crosstabs is among the easiest and most intuitive we saw.  BSecure offers an “Accountability” option for adults that cannot be undone – a nice feature for adults who are struggling with online addiction issues that none of the competitors offered.  BSecure has solid web history reporting with lots of nice graphical reporting options.

BSecure performed very well in blocking — 97 percent of the pornography sites and 77 percent of the violent sites, while overblocking just 3 percent of the sexual health sites.  Not perfect, but pretty good, and near the top of the competition.  BSecure had the best search engine filtering we saw with a double layer of protection: BSecure locks safe search settings for Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and then has its own search engine filtering on top of that.  When we were able to trip up Google’s safe search, BSecure’s search engine filtering kicked in and blocked it.

On our first test of BSecure, we found some ways to circumvent the filtering, which the company was in the process of correcting.  We re-tested two months later, and confirmed that these loopholes had been closed by the company, making BSecure among the most secure filters.  BSecure thwarted the downloading and execution of circumvention clients, and BSecure was very good at blocking proxies.  But when we finally found a proxy that wasn’t on its list, we were able to get through.   BSecure further recommends that parents not run Windows PCs in administrator mode, to block the installation of circumvention software such as Tor.

BSecure has a rich set of features.  Unlike most every product for home computers, Bsecure offers “Whole Home Filtering” – which will filter any device connecting to a wireless network.  Bsecure also offers filtering by rating for media, which is a nice feature.   BSecure also features automatic alerts of visits to inappropriate sites and suspicious social networking activity, which can be set up for both e-mail and text messages.  Once alerted, parents can click on Bsecure’s social networking tab to automatically log in to their kids’ accounts and see the full context of what’s going on.  Bsecure also offers iPad and iPhone filtering integrated to the management console.

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  1. I have requested online assistance 3 times int he last week without a single response. THe program lists a phone number to call that has been disconnected. What good is a program with a 30 day money back guarantee when the only way to get the money back is to try to dispute it with the credit card company? Good product, but prepare to use it without any support.

    1. FINALLY someone else to commiserate with! For the past month I have repeatedly emailed bsecure in hopes of some sort of tech support to resolve my issues. Nothing. I do not know how they can advertise “free tech support” WHEN. THERE. IS. NONE. I did discover that bsecure is now owned by AVG and I finally got my money back. At least they do honor their 30 day money back guarantee, even though it took me several weeks to get it. I’m disgusted with this company and am planning to contact Focus on the Family so they removed their recommendation from their website.

      1. I had the same issue as the above reviewers! Before AVG bought them (i’m guessing) I called the company 5 times and they always were kind, quick, and solved all problems, but they have yet to respond to my 2 emails. I will not go with them again ( a shame!)

      2. I agree with you. Without any support, bSecure is a company that is failing, and will continue to fail. It is unfortunate that Focus on the Family endorses them, as this is the ONLY reason that I avoided OpenDNS, etc to use bSecure. It will be a long time before i spend money on ‘Focus-endorsed’ products…

      3. I do agree with you that they can’t be contacted, but the filter is fantastic and has been a great help in my family. I really don’t know of a better one.

  2. I have been thoroughly frustrated with BSecure. It is repeatedly blocking sites that are completely safe. I attempted to contact someone to help configure it if that was the problem. But, after 3-4 emails over a 6 week period, I was never contacted. I finally got in touch with someone from AVG who bought BSecure, I was told he would fasttrack my message and to expect a phone call within 2 business day. But, no call ever came. I received 1 automated email reply that failed to address the problem I was having and didn’t even provide any solution. I too am disgusted with company and may contact FOTF to at least warn parents of the frustrations of using this particular filter and company.

  3. I have called Focus on the Family to ask them to remove their endorsement of Besecure in light of the fact that they have no customer service. I too sent an email requesting help but got no reply. Obviously this company is on the verge of going out of business. Too bad as is sounder like this is exactly what I needed but my recommendation STAY AWAY!

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a whole hose web filter? I need something that will protect computer, iPod touch devices, Wi-Fi CD players and PS3 video gaming system that has its own built in browser and access to YouTube.

  4. You can try OpenDNS as an alternative. I “believe” in Bsecure, but I too have had too many problems… like CloudCare automatically setting computers DNS to google’s dns then complaining (alerts) to me that my DNS is not properly set for Whole Home filtering.

  5. I love the idea of what BeSecure claims to offer. However, I have not experienced monitoring access as extensively as it claims to give & yes, as many others have attested to, there is practically NO help to correct any problems or to talk you through anything. Unfortunately, I did not get thru to anyone until adter the initial 30 days, so I can’t get my money back. But I think I’ll be going with another filter next time.

    1. Hi BrendanI am also awaiting your book with excneemtit! I have been a commercial model for 2 years and have enjoyed it, I now want to move into film and television, I have drama school training (Central school) but went straight into commercial modelling as I just wanted to work- any suggestions how to move and change into it? Ive tried the normal way of approaching and writing to an agent but feel it gets lost with all the applicants- as is inviting them to see me in some plays/screenings I have been in, Thanks for your help!! Betty C xx

  6. All, I haven’t been updating this site for a long time, but I noticed the complaints. I have asked someone from BSecure to respond

    1. Thank you. I am an internet lawyer ( and can no longer recommend this product for service failures, overblocking of legitimate sites, and nonresponse to any customer service inquiries. Do NOT order this product. Unless there is a threat of legal action, this may not change.

    2. How do I cancel service with this company??!!! I’ve been trying for over a month through the only way possible: email technical support… NOT ONE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT despite several confirmations stating my messages have been sent and will be responded to!

      1. Get in touch with the parent company and ask for a refund. I googled AVG (I think that is it) and got their main number. I called and spoke with one of their reps who looked up my BSecure account info. I asked for a refund and had it refunded back to my bank account within 2 weeks or so. It did not matter that it was past any 30 day trial. I did this in Sept 2012. I also experienced zero response to emails I sent to BSecure.

      2. ow…Sherry, sorry to hear your situation,you are so ulucnky. I and an entrecard member too. I wish i won’t face this problem and wish you good luck too!Hope your problem will be solved as soon as possible.Have a nice day !

  7. We have used Bsecure for about a month with no issues until tonight. I keep getting an error message so cannot get a computer online that is needed for homework. I thought it might be a problem with my browser so I switched browsers but had to reset the password as it was saved on the other browser (my bad) now the email is not coming in for the reset so I’m TOTALLY locked out with NO recourse. Argh!!

  8. One more unsatisfied customer: Don’t EVER EVER do business with an internet company without a phone number. You will hate yourself and them ! (I do) They are a joke. Use someone else.
    I hope this company goes down in flames!

  9. Believe me, when your computer stops working due to bsecure, and you want to fix it, only to find there is no online support so you have to email and get a response in 48 hours (if they response at all!) you will lose your cool!

    After this happened a couple of time I sent them a support request (that is the only way to contact them) saying I would not renew as I won’t do business with a company that doesn’t have phone support.

    No response. I figured no big deal. My cc number had been cancled due to fraud so I figured they couldn’t charge it any way. WRONG!
    they charged my new credit card. So then I had to call the bank and of course they wanted to know if I contacted them via phone. HA! what a joke.

    Never buy this kind of a product from a company without phone support. You will be cursing the day you did it when your computer is not working.

  10. If you have any doubts about how bad this company is, simply do a Better Business Bureau search for Fort Walton Beach FL where this company is apparently located (BBB in northwestern Florida). They have a rating of D- and this is what BBB says:

    “Your BBB contacted BSecure with concerns about the pattern of complaints that we were receiving. The company has chosen to not respond to the BBB’s request for clarification or intended actions to correct the problem.”

    Does this sound anything like the complaints above? Yes! Believe them all!

  11. they just charged my account again!!! and I dont want them anymore! im stuck with no phone number and no email replies! so frustrating!!!!!!!!

  12. Looks like even Mr. David Burt hasn’t got a response from BSecure!
    I currently use Safe Eyes which is working out pretty good. Another strong consideration for filter software is Net Nanny. They are highly rated…

  13. I emailed them repeatedly and finally one day I received a notice saying my money had been refunded. Hopefully you all will be able to get your money back too.

    FYI After getting my money back, I spent hours on the phone with Dell trying to get bsecure off my computer, but they weren’t able to help me at all. I was at my wit’s end then I remembered that I had to change the setting on my router when I installed bsecure. I managed to figure out how to reset my router to the original settings and POOF bsecure was gone!! Now if only my brain had a reset button and I could erase the memory of bsecure!!

  14. I am SO frustrated! We got a new laptop and Bsecure was blocking itunes no matter what I did. I finally just had to uninstall it. Then I saw a charge on my credit card from them. I have emailed them 4 times in the last month with no response and I can’t find a phone number for them anywhere. I can’t even cancel my account for next year because there’s no option for that on their website! Ugh….I am disappointed in Focus on the Family for recommending them. Big mistake.
    I may go the AVG route and see if that works. I really hate paying for something that I’m not using and I certainly don’t want to pay for it next year too!

  15. I used Bsafe years ago. You could talk to someone then. AVG is great for cleaning and protecting your computer, but they lost it on this one. To put internet protection back on my pcs, I’m going with Dave Ramsey’s endorsed provider. They even save you money with a promo code on filtering software as well as a package that includes pc protection from viruses. AND, they offer a second year at half price.

  16. I am so frustrated with this company. I have emailed them now 5; yes 5 times to uninstall this software. When I try to uninstall, it gives me an error message and it is blocking everything from google to any other search engine. This company is a nightmare. They still have not returned my email or phone call. Still having trouble with my computer. I am also up for renewal and have told them not to renew. I guess we will see. If anyone has a contact number I will appreciate it.

    1. The only thing that worked for me was disputing the charges with my credit card company… They followed up after weeks to months…

  17. I loved this software for my family and I am sad to see what has happened to it. I am having a problem with the Whole Home Filtering and decided to call. There used to be a number and at the other end a friendly helpful person. I guess I will start searching for alternatives since its only a matter of time before this shuts down completely.

  18. They didn’t acknowledge my request for money back guarantee for several weeks, and that was well after I called american express and disputed the charges because they had not delivered the offered services. That is my recommendation–to contact your credit card company and dispute the charges because it seems to be the only way to get anything done.
    Honestly to uninstall my copy I had to use one of the install instructions I found on the internet, and I still had to tweak it some…

  19. Why the heck is this program still well rated by David?????????? There should be zero stars somewhere for a product which claims support but provides none…

  20. This is the worse customer service I have ever encountered. I spent 56 minutes on the telephone with technical support, being transferred from person to person. No one was able to assist me in removing a previous version of besecure that was registered with an inactive email account. I finally requested a refund and was told that someone would contact me by email in two to three days to discuss my issue with me. I then asked that the email process be started immediately, and the individual hung up the telephone. I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will, of course, dispute the charge with my bank.

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