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CyberPatrol has been around since the mid-1990s, and the level of experiences shows – it’s a solid, dependable product with a simple interface and an attractive set of features.  It’s not quite as secure or as accurate as some of the competition, but it still holds up quite well.
Price: $39.99

Although parents can create individual user profiles for each member of their family, CyberPatrol provides an immediate, out-of-the-box filtering profile called the Default user profile.  Making changes to the default profile, such as adding sites, changing time management options, or restricting categories was simple.  Reporting options include websites visited, the date and time, and whether the site was allowed or blocked.

CyberPatrol did very well blocking at blocking pornography sites at 99%, but overblocked 3 percent of the sexual health sites.   CyberPatrol blocked 70 percent of the violent sites, and caught all of the naughty search engine terms we entered.

CyberPatrol’s security was decent, but was we found ways around the filtering.   CyberPatrol approaches proxies the same way most parental controls do, by blocking them one at a time.  But CyberPatrol doesn’t block every proxy, so when we encountered a proxy that wasn’t on its list, we were able to view blocked sites.  CyberPatrol blocks language translators, an effective approach but not as good as the some of the competition. CyberPatrol doesn’t block or filter the Internet Archive, providing a way to view archived versions of banned sites.

CyberPatrol has a strong set of features, including password override; block/ allow/ monitor sites option;  time management; and the ability to block applications such as Instant Messaging and games.

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