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Safe Eyes is one of the best parental control products around with excellent filtering of not just web pages, but online TV and videos as well.  Safe Eyes does a great job of providing a rich, detailed feature set while at the same time presenting a management screen that’s simple to administer.  Safe Eyes isn’t quite as secure as some of the other products, but good enough for most families.
Price: $49.99

Safe Eyes comes with an easy setup and lots of options. We really liked Safe Eye’s Family Manager, which gives parents an overview of restrictions for games, the web, chat, and even online videos on a single screen.  Safe Eyes applies the same approach to reporting, giving parents an overview screen of their child’s online activities in these same areas, so a parent can “drill down” into videos watched, e-mails sent, etc.  SafeEyes stores all information online, so it allows parents remote access and the ability to manage multiple computers.

Safe Eyes offers excellent web filtering that’s close to the best in the industry.  Safe Eyes blocked 97 percent of the pornography sites and 87 percent of the violent sites while overblocking only 7 percent of the sexual health sites.  Safe Eyes successfully blocked all the explicit search terms we entered.

Safe Eyes security was pretty solid, but we found a couple of ways to circumvent the filtering.  Safe Eyes approaches proxies the same way most parental controls do, by blocking them one at a time, and Safe Eyes has a very good list of the latest proxies.  But Safe Eyes can’t block proxies it doesn’t know about, so when we used an unpublished proxy, we were able to view inappropriate sites.  Safe Eyes also neither blocks nor filters language translators, which can also be used to avoid filtering.


Safe Eyes offers one of the best arrays of features, including time management, automatic alerts via e-mail or text message, and monitoring of not just the web, but IM, e-mail, and videos.  Safe Eyes can also block online TV based on ratings.  Safe Eyes doesn’t block the transmission of private information such as name or phone number, but it does send parents an alert when this happens.  Safe Eyes also offers some of the best online help available, with detailed answers and easily searchable help.

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