Research & Policy


At the Supreme Court for oral arguments in ALA v. US.
Photograph by Declan McCullagh, 2003

This page contains research, case law, and policy documentsI have collected and archived over the years related to the use of Internet filtering software.

This section provides detailed information and legal documents related to cases where filtering software played a prominent role.   Cases include ALA v. U.S., where the U.S. Supreme Court addressed the constitutionality of filtering software in public libraries;  ACLU v. Reno and Gonzales v ACLU II where the use of filtering software was held to be a “less restrictive alternative” to federal laws requiring restrictions on Internet pornography;  and other cases such as  Mainstream Loudoun v. Board, and Kathleen R v. City of Livermore; Adamson v. Minneapolis Public Library, and Bradburn v. North Central Regional Library District.

Filter Effectiveness Tests
This section has a database of filtering tests conducted by testing labs, organizations, or affiliated researchers.

Research and Policy Papers
This section is intended as a comprehensive index of over 100 research, policy, and legal papers on filtering software created by government entities, filtering companies, advocacy groups, academic publications, and other organizations.

Filtering Product Reviews Archive 1995-2008
This section contains a comprehensive index of published filtering product reviews since 1995, including over 200 individual products.  Reviews were gathered from technology publications such as PC Magazine, Network World, etc.

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