Legal – Cases – Adamson v. Minneapolis Public LibraryCase Name: 
Wendy Adamson, et al v. Minneapolis Public Library, Case #: 03-CV-2521, filed March 23, 2003, U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota

In May of 2000, a group of 12 library employees at the Minneapolis Public Library filed a complaint with the EEOC claiming that “During the recent course of my employment I have been subjected to repeated exposure to sexually explicit materials and sexual activity at my place of employment. My employer has adopted an Internet access policy which allows for unrestricted access to sexually explicit Internet sites.”  After an EEOC ruling that library’s conditions created a hostile work environment, the employees filed a 31 page complaint in federal court detailing the allegations.

The case was never adjudicated, and the Library settled by paying the plaintiffs $435,000 in damages.  (See National Law Journal, Sept 2003)


Chronology & Legal Documents:
05/02/00  Library Employees file sexual harassment complaint to EEOC
05/23/01  EEOC makes determination that Unrestricted Internet Access Policy of Minneapolis Public Library Creates Sexually Hostile Work Environment
03/23/03  Plaintiffs file legal complaint
04/14/03  Defendants file response.
08/08/03  Settlement Conference.

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