Legal – Cases –  Bradburn v. North Central Regional Library District

Case Name: 
2:06-cv-00327-EFS Bradburn et al v. North Central Regional Library District, filed Nov 11, 2006, Washington Eastern District Court.  Judge Edward F. Shea, presiding.

Sarah Bradburn, Pearl Cherrington, Charles Heinlen and other patrons of the North Central Regional Library are suing the library over the library’s Internet policy, which filters access for adults.  The plaintiffs seek to order the library to disable Internet filters while in use by adults in the library.

On May 6, 2010, the Washington State Supreme Court upheld the library policy under the Washington State Constitution.  Both parties filed briefs after the May 6 ruling, and on April 10, 2012, Judge Shea ruled that, “Because NCRL’s Policy, including not disabling the Internet filter at the request of an adult patron, is reasonable, there is no overbreadth or impermissible content-based First Amendment violation. For the above given reasons, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED: NCRL’s Motion for Summary Judgment, ECF No. 28, is GRANTED.”

News Coverage:
Wash. Supreme Court rules Internet filters OK,” Associated Press, May 6, 2010
Washington Supreme Court, 6-3, Backs Library Systems Full Filtering Policy,” Library Journal, May 6, 2010
Wash. Supreme Court hears case on Internet filter,”Seattle Times, June 23, 2009
Lawsuit challenges filtered Internet access at libraries,” Spokesman Review, Feb 7, 2007
Eastern WA Library System Sued Over Refusal To Disable Filters,” Library Journal, Nov 20, 2006

Chronology & Legal Documents:
11/16/06. Plaintiffs file Complaint
01/02/07. Defendants file Answer to Complaint
08/03/07 Plaintiffs Report Disclosure of Expert Witnesses
08/03/07 Plaintiffs expert Bennett Haselton submits Expert Report
08/03/07 Plaintiffs expert June Pinnell-Stephens submits Expert Report
11/06/07  Judge issues new scheduling order
02/05/08  Plaintiffs motion for summary judgment
02/05/08  Defendants motion for summary judgment
02/05/08  Plaintiffs issue statement of facts
02/05/08  Defendants issue statement of facts
02/05/08  Plaintiffs issue memorandum of law
02/05/08  Dr. Paul Resnick submits declaration
02/05/08  Dr. Paul Resnick releases expert report
02/05/08  Defendant Motion for Certification of Questions of Con. Law
02/05/08  Notice of Hearing on Motion for Summary Judgment
02/15/08  Defendant Statement of Facts re: Motion for Sum. Judg.
02/25/08  Plaintiff memo in opposition to motion of certification
02/25/08  Plaintiff Motion in opposition to motion for sum. judge
02/25/08  Plaintiff Expert Bennett Haselton Declaration
02/25/08  Plaintiff Statement of Facts re Motion for Sum. Judg.
02/25/08  Plaintiff Reply Memo re: Motion for Summ. Judge.
02/25/08 Plaintiff Statement of Supplemental facts re: motion
02/29/08 Defendant reply memo re motion cert. of question of con law
03/03/08 Defendant reply in support of motion for Sum. Judge.
03/03/08 Defendant supp. Statement of Facts in support
03/08/08 Deposition excerpts of June Pinnell-Stevens & Kenton Oliver
03/24/08 Witness and Exhibit List by all plaintiffs
03/28/08 Witness and Exhibit List Amended by defendants.
03/24/08  Joint statement of uncontroverted facts
09/30/08  Order Granting and Denying in Part Defendant’s Motion and Holding in Abeyance Summary Judgment
01/28/09  Defendant brief before Washington State Supreme Court
03/03/09 Plaintiff brief before Washington State Supreme Court
03/16/09 Defendant reply brief before Washinton State Supreme Court
05/22/09 Center for Democracy & Technology files amicus brief
06/23/09 Oral arugments before Washington State Supreme Court (Video)
05/06/10 Washington State Supreme Court ruling upholds library policy  (Concurrence) (Dissent)
05/24/10 Both parties file a Joint Submission Regarding Post-Certification Proceedings
07/02/10 Defendant’s file Memorandum Regarding Response to Certified Question
07/02/10 Plaintiffs file Brief Regarding Impact of Washington State Sup. Ct. Certified Question 
04/10/2012 Judge Rules for Library









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